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Lovers of Chinese, Oriental will adore The Kung Fu. The Kung Fu serves a variety of savory recipes, from traditional Chinese, Oriental to some newer creations. You can order online here on our site for delivery in 45 minutes.

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201 Merton Road
South Wimbledon, SW191EE

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with sweet and sour sauce





Customer Reviews of The Kung Fu

2,539 reviews


  • I have ordered from here semi regularly and usually the food is good. Unfortunately after waiting 2 hours for my food to arrive and 2 phone calls. I was told they had not even prepared my order. That they would do it but it would be at least another 40 mins. This despite being told earlier the order was on its way. I am not happy with the service I have received. I am now waiting to speak to hungry house to get a refund. So 3 hours wasted and no food!


  • Nice food good taste ....starters portion should be more bigger by the price ......


  • The worst take away i have ever had thats completely mistake i ordered from them last time ...No more comment i would go there and throw that shit food to chefs face.waiting 1:45 mins for delivery and all food same to me chicken worst ever eat.and amount of sweet chilli sous make me throw that crap to the bin.


  • I'm not very happy as the delivery driver knew I was paying cash and mysteriously only had a £10 note on him as change. He's just had a sizeable tip! Won't order from you again - I feel like I've been taken for a mug!


  • So I ordered a beef in black bean sauce for my friend and a Mushroom and Tofu in Black Bean sauce for myself as I'm a vegan and what arrived was Beef in Black Bean sauce - Correct and Chicken and Mushroom in Black Bean sauce - Incorrect. As I called, it's as if the person on the phone thought it was a joke. Safe to say I wasn't the happiest and requested a refund. First time ordering at The Kung Fu and I think it's definitely the last time.


  • Definitely the best Chinese takeout!


  • Wrong main meal sent.


  • Great tasting food, good curry but portion size was a little small and containers were not full.


  • Very late and food cold


  • Duck pancakes were amazing but the wrong thing turned up and wasn't very nice


  • [RESUBMITTED]Ignored allergy information (chillis/peppers). When I called to let them know I asked for an apology and a refund, they insisted there was no allergens in the food and spent around 10 mins shouting at me before I had to hang up to ice my mouth and find medication. They refused to refund my meal and hungry house advised they could do nothing about this. I suspect my order was mixed up with someone else’s as I actually had a pot of chilli sauce in the bag. Obviously I will never be ordering from here again.


  • Driver didn't delivery part of order, called and was told would re-deliver, had to wait over an hour still no delivery. Called again and told "tough order is with drive! no refund" Staff don't give a f*&k about customers and basically say f-off if you want to cancel after they as a company fail to fulfill an order in its entirety, worst service I have ever experienced!


  • Didn’t read my note had no spice in chowmein


  • Delivery was 30 minutes late and cold. Food was average at best. Not sure how this place has such a high score .Please be wary from ordering here


  • Very disappointing. The chicken chow mien was actually chow mein. Would have been tasty if I got what was described! Not the worst but definitely not the best - shame